Project Description

School Street Pottery- Open Studio


  • School Street Pottery Studio is run by volunteers so the schedule changes from week to week depending on what our volunteers are able to do although we do try to keep the Studio open as many hours as possible and as regularly as possible. We ask that anyone who wants to use the Open Studio have some previous clay experience as our volunteers do not teach but are there to help and guide where necessary.

    A weekly schedule is sent out over the weekend so that everyone is aware of the open studio hours.

    We have 8 wheels for students to use as well as the standard equipment that you would find in any other pottery studio. We have lots of space for handbuilding if that is your preference. We have a great bunch of people in and out of the studio and we are always happy to welcome new students!


    • We use electric kilns and fire to cone 6.
    • We try to fire on a regular basis so that students do not have to wait too long to take home their work.
    • We require that students purchase the clay from the studio, that way we know exactly what we are firing and there is less chance of any problems in the kiln.
    • We have 2 clay types – Speckled Brown (red) and B Mix (white) and both are used for throwing and handbuilding.


    The cost of clay is $35 for 25lb which includes bisque and glaze firing and the use of all the glazes that we have in the studio.

    Open studio is $5 per session or alternatively you can to pay $50 per month if you intend to use the studio often.


    • OCAF Membership
    • Clay Experience

  • Contact: Traci walter <> or Wheezie <>

  • Skill Level 

  • Location –
    School Street Pottery Studio,
    School Street Studios Building, OCAF Art Center
    34 School Street, Watkinsville, GA 30677