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Exhibitions Opening October 8th – November 19th

Chris Greer  Photography

Artist Statement

Photography is a way to capture and showcase the world around you in a form that is pure, that is expressive, and that is powerful. I have had a camera in my hand since I was 12 years old, back in the days of film and anxious waits for the lab to process the photos. I have evolved with the world of photography, and over the years I developed very complex techniques that allow me to capture a scene with creative exposures, shutter speeds, and compositions. Some of the photos you see here took months of planning and multiple failed attempts before I finally got the image that I wanted. My love of being outside, of hiking to a secluded location, of taking that turn down a quiet gravel road that I have never seen before, combines to form a perfect recipe for landscape photography. I try to capture the world in a way that reflects its indescribable beauty, the raw power of nature, and the ever-changing interplay of light and landscape. Georgia is beautiful, and every photo in this exhibition was taken within its borders. I hope my images help you appreciate just how unique the landscape is in the Peach State.


Professor, best-selling author, and award-winning photographer Chris Greer has photographed locations all over the planet, but the beauty of the Southeast always brings him home. When he isn’t teaching at Georgia College you will find him rolling across the landscape of Georgia in search of photos for his next book, Naturally Georgia: From the Mountains to the Sea, which will be published in 2022. This is the follow-up to his best-selling first book, Georgia Discovered: Exploring the Best of the Peach State, which highlights all of the unique beauty and cultural attractions that can be found within its borders. Chris is also producing and hosting a new television show on PBS called View Finders. It chronicles the adventures of two photographers who are in search of the most beautiful locations in Georgia to photograph. The series will premiere in spring of 2022 on GPB.

Emojis & Tea: Studio Dialogue Between Friends During Isolation 

Isabell Daniel and Kate Windley

Working collectively on imagery with abstracted and drawn references to figures, we responded to pandemic isolation by building a community of portraits and cups.  As a substitution for the year of seclusion, we layered marks and surface design with color and sketches to combine ceramics, silkscreened imagery, sculptures, and drawings.  Using art making as an opportunity to connect in friendship, we texted our thoughts on subject matter, craft, the creative process, and studio folly.

This show presents our correspondence as we fill the gallery with color, design, and hope for renewal.

Cut & Paste: The Art of Collage and Assemblage


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