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2020 Director’s Choice: Tom Stanley

Exhibition Title: Inside and Outside

Artist Statement:

Much of my work over the years has reflected an interest in imagined architectural facades on one hand, and the idea of interiors on the other. Recalling growing up in my mother’s boarding house, the idea of home, structure and rooms has played a role in what I do. For sure she took in Cuban and Hungarian refugees; a cab driver from New York; and all sorts of roomers. As a small boy I never thought of any of this as unusual in what was the mill town where we lived. For that matter, I never thought of a mill town as being different. There were just houses where peopled lived and we all needed a place to live. We still do and that is one thought that lives in this work. Yet when push comes to shove, these acrylic paintings and graphite drawings rely on a contrast between mechanical drawing and surface, between abstraction and imagery.


  • Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF)
    34 School Street
    Watkinsville, GA, 30677

  • 706-769-4565
  • Tuesday - Saturday:
    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM