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Janet Rodekohr

Janet Rodekohr Artist Statement

Watercolor is a delicate and unpredictable art.  It’s like parenting a child; you can guide but you can’t control. So you might as well relax and enjoy where you can go together.

My mom, an oil painter, told me a true artist can look at a blank piece of paper and visualize the finished work, so I have tried to develop that mental muscle.  My vision doesn’t always come to life on the paper but the exercise forces me to try.

The Veiled Lady is a good example of visualizing a painting.  David R. Smith painted “Lamentation,” a lovely watercolor painting of the famous Pieta bathed with light coming through a stained glass window. So I attempted similar lighting on a simple marble statue of a woman’s veiled face to show contours and shadows.

After a career writing for the University of Georgia, I searched for another way to express myself.  Classes at OCAF helped me find my voice through watercolor.

Leigh Ellis, OCAF teacher and professional watercolor artist, brought the joy and techniques of watercolor to life for me.  She too the fear out of failure.  Other workshop instructors like Paul Jackson, David Lobenberg and Jane Angelhart added layers of learning and confidence.

The professional artists Ive met at OCF an in workshops and through the Georgia Watercolor Society don’t just mastertechniques. They develop their own style. They choose subjects they want to spend time withm they find their own voice through that subject.

I’m still searching for my unique style and voice.  But I do prefer subjects with faces, whether they are human or animal. They speak to me on some level. I’m hoping my paintings give my subjects a voice as well.


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