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Please Donate to OCAF's Capital Campaign

1902 building drawing

Your tax deductible donation will help us to enhance our facilities and continue our mission of supporting art related programs for artists and residents of Georgia.

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The Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation:

Office & Gallery Hours: 10 AM to 4 PM Tuesday- Saturday

Large groups are welcome! After hours appointments available for gallery exhibits.

OCAF is located at 34 School Street in Historic Watkinsville Georgia.

Mission: The Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, Inc. (OCAF) promotes cultural arts and artists, and provides art education to the citizens of Oconee County and the northeast Georgia area.

OCAF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity that is not supported by tax dollars of any kind. All of our programs are open to the public regardless of what county they live in. OCAF members receive valuable discounts on classes, workshops and special events. Although membership is suggested it is not required.

Current and Upcoming Events & Exhibits

All exhibition opening receptions are open to the public.

Click on the Event Title for more information

Reciprocal III: OCAF Members at UNG
Location: UNG Oconee Campus
Exhibition: January 16 - February 10
Closing Reception: February 10, 5-6:30 pm
For directions click here.
Each year the UNG Oconee Gallery hosts a juried exhibition by members of the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation. This year's juror is Malia Krolak, director of the School of Art Galleries at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. From the more than 100 submissions, Krolak chose less than 30 paintings, photographs, textiles and sculptures that represent the remarkable array artists who make their artistic home in the OCAF studios. The winner of this year's Best in Show prize -- a solo exhibition in the UNG - Oconee Gallery in the Fall of 2017 - will be announced at the reception on February 10. Free and Open to the Public.




Presented by:
Location: OCAF Main Gallery
Opening Reception: January 20, 2017, 6-8pm
Continues: Tuesday - Satuday, 10am-4pm thru February 17

The Southeast is home to some of the finest wood artists and craftsmen in the country.  OCAF is mounting a significant show featuring the works of over 35 of the region’s most talented woodworkers.  Furniture makers, wood turners, and fine artists will be displaying one-of-a-kind pieces made from exotic woods and veneers, reclaimed lumber, natural edge slabs, and even twigs and bark.

Exhibition curator: Abraham Tesser

To see representative works by our participating artists click here.

Exhibition Supporters

Presenting Sponsor

Highland Woodworking


Abraham and Carmen Tesser

New Urban Forestry

Silver Donors

Brooks & Elizabeth Mendell

Larry McDougald

Peach State Lumber Products

Sauers Veneers



Quantum Continuum

Works by Denise Stewart-Sanabria

Location: OCAF Members Gallery

Opening Reception: January 20, 2017, 6-8pm

Continues: Tuesday - Satuday, 10am-4pm thru February 17

The concept behind “Quantum Continuum” involves the many theories given to the existence of many, or parallel worlds, both in the disciplines of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics.  They range from solid research that can deliver actual theory-proving data, to the more esoteric work of Lewis and Kripke, which has a tendency to sound like the conversation of a couple of 1960’s era grad students on acid.  Popular media occasionally tries to produce their own version of these theories, from an episode of “Lost in Space” that scared the pants off me when I was a kid by showing characters on the program walking into another world through a special mirror portal, to the recent tv series “Fringe”.  Whether any parts of these theories eventually prove to be true remains to be seen, but with further developments in the world of Quantum Physics, we are constantly reminded that the more we discover, the less we know.

                                                                     --- Denise Stewart-Sanbria



Athens Celebrated


Watercolors by Jackie Dorsey

Location: OCAF Hall Gallery

Opening Reception: January 20, 2017, 6-8pm

Continues: Tuesday - Satuday, 10am-4pm thru February 17

This exhibit is my homage to my adopted town of Athens.  I have lived in a lot of nice college towns over my lifetime and Athens stands out as one of the best.   The people, the music, the arts, community organizers and events, unique shops and restaurants, the university and the community activism make this town the gem that it is.

                                                                                  --- Jackie Dorsey


Art Classes & Workshops

These Winter / Spring classes and workshops are open for registration

Click Each Catergory Link Below for More Info.




Watercolor Landscapes
Introduction to basic landscape painting techniques with focus on composition, light & perspective as well as specific tecniques to build strong landscapes.

Learn basic techniques, design & use of other materials to enhance &/or repair watercolor paintings. A fun & relaxed class! 

Click here to see previous classes and to sign-up on Wait Lists.


Metal Work / Jewelry

Class if full! Sign up on Wait List for next class.
Learn basic jewelry and metalsmithing techniques to create your own jewelry. Students will learn basic skills such as sawing, forming, texturing, soldering and finishing to make up to 3 items (earrings, pendants, brooches &/or rings) to keep or give as gifts. No experience required. 

Click here to see previous classes and to sign-up on Wait Lists.

Paper Making & Book Making

with Margot Ecke
This four session course teaches students the basic stitches needed to construct a variety of book structures. We will cover accordion and maze books, stab bindings, Coptic books and more. Students will become familiar with the vocabulary, tools, materials and techniques associated with traditional bookbinding and leave with a love of binding as well as a strong foundation for more advanced learning.










Painting & Drawing

In this unique series of one-day Saturday workshops Cameron offers instruction in a variety of mediums and techniques.

With Charles Warnock
Back by popular demand! Charles Warnock, provides individual assistance and advice on acrylics in this open studio format class. This class is intended for students with painting experience.  

Class is designed to help artists enhance their skills in painting portraits. All skill levels, from beginning to advanced, are welcomed. While painting from the live model, artists will employ various techniques for developing accurate proportions, and the proper placement of the model on the canvas. Participants will receive instructions on starting the portrait with a solid structural drawing done in monochromatic lines and tones on a stained canvas.
This comprehensive two-day workshop is designed to share tips and techniques learned from over twenty-five years of working in the acrylic medium. Chantel's gentle teaching style will enrich the painting skills of beginners and advanced artists alike as she demonstrates painting the portrait from reference photos, without losing the energy and vitality of working from life.

Click here to see previous classes and to sign-up on Wait Lists. 

literary typewriter


You've started telling your story, but now you're lost in the murky woods of plot and character? This class will help demystify plot strategies, character development, creating scenes and descriptive writing through discussion of participants' work, examples from established authors and some in-class writing activities.

Click here to see previous classes and to sign-up on Wait Lists.

Beginner to Intermediate Wheelthrowing
with Annabelle Broyles
Learn the basics or improve & expand your wheel throwing & design techniques. Students will work at their own pace in this easy-going studio atmosphere.

with Annabelle Broyles
 Have you wanted to try your hand at pottery but were a bit intimidated at the thought of wheelthrowing? Have you tried or mastered wheelthrowing and want to expand your skills into other forms of pottery building? This class might be just the thing for you!
with Michael Pitts
 Ever wanted to move beyond basic glazing and experiment with new techniques for decorating your pottery? Join Michael Pitts as he teaches methods of ceramic surface enrichment that will help you make your pottery pieces your autograph. In this demonstration class Michael will be showing students techniques such as mishima, sgraffito & glaze overlays. 

Pottery Open Studio
Open studio time is available for adults who have previous experience in OCAF ceramics classes or other ceramics studios. Days & hours: change from week to week.
Click here to see previous classes and to sign-up on Wait Lists. 

With Jean Westmacott
 This is a beginning portrait sculpture class to introduce students to the forms, proportions and expressive possibilities in shaping the human head. No previous experience is necessary.

Click here to see previous classes and to sign-up on Wait Lists.



Performing Arts


Performing Arts

with Scotty Gannon
Course will emphasize development of student's interpersonal communications and expression, introducing the student to fundamentals of acting & skills uilized in performance. 

With Dan Wilson
3 levels available:
  • Beginner: designed for teaching the basics of playing the bagpipes
  • Intermediate A: for students that have completed the Beginning Class or able to read music and are working on embellishments and basic tunes on the practice chanter.
  • Intermediate B: for students that have completed the Beginning Class and Intermediate Class A or have required skills and are ready to play the bagpipes.

Please be sure to check back as new classes & workshops will be added to our Art Education page in the coming weeks.